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APS Products:
1. Folder Cleaner v2.1  - this program will help you for cleaning your folders and files quickly and simply.
2. Date-Time stamper v1.0  - simple win32-console utility for a logging operations.

APS News:
[ 08/22/2000 ]  Now available Date-Time stamper v1.0
[ 07/05/2000 ]  Now available Folder Cleaner v2.1.1
[ 06/30/2000 ]  Now available Folder Cleaner v2.1.0
[ 10/03/1999 ]  Now available Folder Cleaner v2.0.1
[ 09/01/1999 ]  Now available Folder Cleaner v2.0.0
[ 08/03/1999 ]  Now available Folder Cleaner v1.1.0
[ 07/26/1999 ]  Now available Folder Cleaner v1.0.1

APS Support:
If beside you is appeared some remarks or offers write letter  to alap@chat.ru  or use  APS Guestbook . The author will consider all your offers and will answer all questions.

Author's Notes:
    1. The author of Folder Cleaner  will is grateful if anyone will help in modification the Folder Cleaner's help file.
    2. The author will is grateful if anyone will help him for job's search.
        Author's skills: MS VC++ &MFC &DAO &ODBC, MS VB, MS Access, Crystal Reports API. For reception a resume mail me to: alap@chat.ru.

Download section:

Folder Cleaner v2.1.1 (zip archive 184K)
Date-Time stamper v1.0 (zip archive 19K)

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