APS Date-Time Stamper

This program allows save to log-file (or output to screeen) current date/time, any string and the numeric code.

    DT /F|S [/I:"string"] [/C:code] [/P:path] [/L]

    F - write to file ddmmyyyy.log, if file exists, append to end of file
    S - display on screen
    I - some string, if string contains space use symbols ", e.g. "my string"
    C - code, if 0 display OK, otherwise display FAIL
    P - full path for logfile without filename, e.g. d:\\reports
    L - add the separator line (-----)
    H- dispaly help

Example of use:
    a).Create file start.bat:

        dt /F /I:"Start of copy c:\mydir" /P:c:\reports
        xcopy c:\mydir\*.* d:\bakdir
        dt /F /I:"End of copy c:\mydir" /C:%ERRORLEVEL% /P:c:\reports /L

    b).After run it, DT created file c:\reports\22082000.log, are contains:

        The time is: 10:55:42, 22/08/2000
        Start of copy c:\mydir
        The time is 10:59:12, 22/08/2000
        End of copy c:\mydir, result is OK

Support:     mail to: alap@chat.ru


This version of program absolutely free.

[ 08/22/2000 ] Now available DT v1.0

Bugs fixed:

New features:

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Date-Time Stamper v1.0 (zip archive 19K)

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