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This program allows to create and modify the list of directories, in which necessary to delete all (or not all) files. For each directory possible install options for removing the files (Exclude files for delete, Include only files for delete etc).
For instance if you programmer, that you can be necessary seasonly to clean the directories, containing debugging information of your projects. Besides, by means of Folder Cleaner possible to delete the files on mask from any (or from all) of disks of your computer, or network device (if you have for this necessary rights). Also, you can use Folder Cleaner with any scheduler-program. Parameters for working Folder Cleaner in this mode possible to assign in command line, or automatically create for this a special shortcut.

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This version of program absolutely free.

[ 07/05/2000 ] Now available Folder Cleaner v2.1.1
[ 06/30/2000 ] Now available Folder Cleaner v2.1.0
[ 10/03/1999 ] Now available Folder Cleaner v2.0.1
[ 09/01/1999 ] Now available Folder Cleaner v2.0.0
[ 08/03/1999 ] Now available Folder Cleaner v1.1.0
[ 07/26/1999 ] Now available Folder Cleaner v1.0.1

Bugs fixed:
[ v2.1.0 ]
Corrected processing for operation of delete file.
Some GUI bugs.
[ v2.0.1 ]
In File Clean: Improved processing the mistakes of devices (this there was noticeably only in Windows'98).
[ v1.1.0 ]
General: Corrected processing the non-standard extensions e.g. "file.  a", "file. a ", "file.a  ". Improved a processing the mistakes.
[ v1.0.1 ]
In File Clean: Corrected processing for the extensions of files, now you can use the mask like ' *. ' for searching files without extensions.

New features:
[ v2.1.1 ]
In some mode added check for already running (for more safety).
[ v2.1.0 ]
In file clean mode: added a new parameter for delete file's parent folder if empty (command-string key: -df).
Now you can resize "Find and Add" dialog for best view.
Now you can resize "File Clean" dialog in Advanced mode for best view.
[ v2.0.0 ]
Now You may control Folder Cleaner from ĶĪmmand-line or create for this the special shortcuts.
Now You may use Folder Cleaner with any scheduler-program.
And more, more ...
[ v1.1.0 ]
Now You may not only exclude the some files from removing, but also delete only described files.

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Folder Cleaner v2.1.1 (zip archive 184K)

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